Android vs iPhone : The Unsettling Debate

Written by Reedib Naskar

Android vs iPhone, a fight that is going on for years and most probably will be continuing in the future. So, here’s a quick summary for you to choose the perfect operating system suitable for your daily use.
Ease of Use
1.If you consider, like 10 years ago, iPhone were the only options when it came to easy use and handling software. But now, there’s almost no difference in the ease of use, be it iOS or android. On the other hand, android gives much better control over personal customization. So this is clear when it comes to usability and handling, both are almost equally easy to use and handle.
2.Pricing and variety
When it comes to pricing and variety of options to choose from, hands down, its the android as it offers devices at almost all price segments. Whereas Apple, on the other hand provides us with very limited options to choose from and that too at a much higher price which makes in not so much value for money device.
3.Software Updates
If software updates or security updates are a priority, then iPhone are the way to go as they have very limited devices to push an update and that too when they make their own hardware and software, unlike android devices where there are so many companies with so many devices, it makes an easy win for iPhone. But do remember, android is not that far behind. But still if you are a person whose priority is software updates, iPhone take a considerable lead in this segment.
Smartphone security is a big priority for almost everyone and why not, nobody wants to share their personal data with anyone. But this is also an area where Apple takes a lead as still now, even though not perfect but Apple provides better smartphone security when compared to android. But again android is not that far behind in this segment, still if security is your biggest concern the iPhone takes a slight lead from Android.
5.Ease of Connectivity and Peripherals
When it comes to the ease of connecting your device with your windows pc or any laptops android makes it way easier to connect and also the android accessories or peripherals are way easier and cheaper to find for android devices. Apple on the other hand provides very limited accessories and that too costs way too much. And also apple is easy to connect with other apple products but makes it harder to connect to other non-apple devices. So, buying a new battery pack or phone repairs or even buying your new earphone, you have much better options when you choose Android over iPhone.

Android verses iPhone