Phone Benchmarks V/S Actual Phone Performance

Written by Reedib Naskar

For years now, judging a phone’s performance on paper is easy. You just look up to the synthetic benchmark scores, compare it with other devices and quickly come up with a conclusion.
Well, that might give us a fairly good idea about the phone but it pretty much has nothing to do with practical or real-life usage scenarios.

Such benchmarking is done based on some limited, computerized or organized tests which only focuses on some particular areas of the phone to bring out the scores by stress-testing it vigorously.

Companies use this benchmark system to represent or compare the performance so as to prove the consumers how better and capable their new devices are and people are actually convinced from these and why not, its so pleasing. But on papers.

Real-life usage or practical usage varies from person to person and how they use their device.
Lets say, if 5 people buys the same phone, after using it for a while I’m pretty much sure they will have 5 different opinions of the very same phone.
So what’s boring to me might amaze you and vice versa and so, judging a phone’s performance barely based on some benchmarks, doesn’t makes much sense anymore.

And also, according to lot of recent cases, it has been found that a lot of phone manufacturers basically twicks the benchmarking score so as to prove how better their device is, which is illegal in all means.

So from now on, before you judge a phone’s actual performance totally based on its benchmarks, think twice or better watch some practical usage reviews.

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