Does more RAM mean more speed ?

Written by Reedib Naskar

More Ram Does Not Mean More Speed.

When it comes to phone recommendation, most people vouch for more ram. They usually think that the more the ram, the better the performance, while its a false statement.

Ram or Random Access Memory, ensures that you can have multiple apps running in your phone background while not killing them from memory or taking away memory from other apps in the background.

So in Layman’s term, ram only helps you to keep all your apps running and ready to use whenever you need them in the background.
So, if you are a heavy smartphone user, using a lot of applications or heavy applications, 6gb ram is very much sufficient in today’s world or 8gb if you need some extra ram. But that’s all you are going to need for now and for the next few years.

And lastly, before buying any phone and checking the amount of ram you are getting, check the speed of that ram or if the ram is using the latest tech in it(LPDDR3 and above), as it ensures faster app switching and for longevity.

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