Why you don’t need a screen protector anymore?

Written by Reedib Naskar

When smartphones first came out around the 2010s, they were made out of thin, responsive glasses which were highly prone to get scratches very easily or getting cracked or minor/major chips.
And so to cover that up, a plastic screen protector was helpful in some manners.

But that was years ago; for the last few years companies have been putting screen protection on their smartphones like Corning Gorilla Glass or other toughened glasses just to protect them from getting scratches or cracks that easily.
Even some can also protect the screen from minor drops too.

But by all means we are not saying that applying a screen protector is completely useless but not that much worth too either. If you want to apply a screen protector, go for something good; might cost you a bit but more than your usual ₹100 guards, which are in reality, useless.
Or you’re just fine using a recent smartphone without any screen protectors, especially the cheap plastic ones.

But yes, before buying make sure to check the ratings of your phone’s screen protection. Recommended Glass protection: Gorilla glass 3 and above or any other protection of the same quality.

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